Love Rwanda

Love Rwanda

Volunteer Program for International Impact
                            Muraho! Rwanda is one of the African countries that rely on international aid and support to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Fortunately, we were able to connect with one of the missionaries there and realized that the people of Rwanda are in constant need of basic necessities and medical supplies, as well as masks to fight off the Covid-19 pandemic.

                            During the summer of 2021, a group of students took the Social Project course at SALT to devise, develop, and execute a plan to not only send general supplies but to also help the people of Rwanda – especially the youth – with more long-term support and goal. Love Rwanda is the team’s name and the plan is to help sponsor and provide the children of Rwanda with scholarships to help them attend schools and receive an education.

With Rwanda Scholarship Program

A non-profit Market
                            Stemming from the Love Rwanda project, With Rwanda is a scholarship program that operates a non-profit market to generate revenue and raise funds to help send students in Rwanda to school and receive a proper education. The students are all volunteers who oversee the finances, food & beverage, and merchandise for the school community where all proceeds are donated for the scholarship program.

                            Currently, 12 students of Rwanda are being sponsored and sent to school as a long-term project.

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The next steps
                            Apart from the basic aid, the scholarship program is going to continue as a multi-year project. Additionally, an environment to develop the facility is sponsored provided for the students to promote lifelong learning that is sustainable and self-sufficient.

Funds & Basic Necessities for the Village of Karembure


Computer Lab with the Internet to promote further Learning, Relationship, and International Partnership


Facility Development and Support for the Community


A long-term Scholarship Program for the Youths of Rwanda to receive Education